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What to expect on each season


During December, January and February it is crucial to be prepared for high temperatures. The hottest month is usually January.
Temperature varies between 17 and 30 °C, the average is 23 °C.
The highest temperature can reach 40 °C.
What to wear – During the day shorts and a T-shirt would be perfect. In Montevideo temperature changes are not so abrupt, but if you go East the difference between day and night is higher, so you may put on your luggage a pair of jeans and a coat.



Fall is during March, April and May. Temperatures decreases these months. Thermal sensation is very different between March and May, when the real feel can be pretty low.
Fall temperatures are between 12 and 23 °C. The average is 17 °C.
What to wear – If you are planning on visiting Uruguay during fall consider that temperatures can change a lot. In March, summer clothes would probably be fine, but you should also bring pants and coats. If you plan to visit the country on May bring a jacket.


Uruguay has the lowest temperatures of the year from June to September, mainly on June, July and August, the coldest months.
The temperature ranges between 7 and 17 ° C. The average is 12 ° C.
What to wear – To stay warm during Uruguayan winter you should wear pants, sweater and a jacket. Gloves and a wool cap can be useful if you are planning on staying outdoors.


This season temperatures are present mainly during September, October and November.
Temperatures go from 23 to 9 °C. The average is 17,5 °C.
What to wear – As temperatures may be low, especially at the beginning of the spring, you should bring similar clothes as on Winter. After September, it is hotter, and summer clothes should be more suitable.

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