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Uruguayan painters from 19th and 20th Century: exclusive visit in four languages

We offer guided and private visits in four languages: Spanish, French, English and Portuguese, of iconic places of Uruguayan art. Begin with Blanes, realistic painter of the endings of XVIII century. He glorifies the founding historical epics of nascent Uruguay, illustrating scenes from life in the decades that followed independence. Blanes museum is in Prado, in one of the beautiful residences of the neighborhood that was once where the aristocracy used to live.

The works of the post-impressionist painter, Figari, are exhibited at Blanes museum too. And also  in a small museum in Ciudad Vieja, dedicated to the artist. If you want to visit the family private collection it is possible as well; for more information contact us.

The following is for moderns only! Torres-García, painter and sculptor, is the most recognized Uruguayan artist and also an emblematic figure of the Constructive Universalism. A few steps away from Plaza Independencia you can find a private museum with limited number of his artwork, it represents a faithful vision of his artistic research till Constructivism. One of his most recognized disciples, Gurvich, has his own museum at Peatonal Sarandí, in Ciudad Vieja.

A synthesis of Modern Art should be looked for at MNAV (National Museum of Visual Arts), it offers a concentrated exposition of artists, painters and sculptors, some of them from the endings of the 20th Century, such as Hugo Longa or Iturria. We can offer you a guided visit with a History of Art expert, a deep encounter with Uruguayan art is guaranteed!

If you are interested in a particular Uruguayan artist, we will elaborate a plan that matches your interests.

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