Few things to know before traveling to Uruguay

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Weather Conditions

For surfers and outdoor activities lovers, you can check the weather forecast at Windguru, . It has useful information such as wind conditions, temperature, cloudiness, waves and tide schedule 

Best time to visit Uruguay? 

The nicest months to travel to Uruguay are from November to May. For swimming in the ocean, hot streams from Brazil reach Uruguayan coast early January. No matter the season, days are pretty windy.


In December, January and February, temperature can reach up to 40°C.


Temperature from March to May varies around 17, up to 23 °C.


The coolest months in Uruguay are from June to September. In July and August, the humidity reach its peak and the temperature goes  from 7 et 17°C.


September and October could be very nice, however the temperature remains cool between 9 and 23°C.

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Restaurant Tips

In restaurant and hotels, paying with a foreign credit card, you pay a 13% of taxes instead of 22%. Uruguay is the only country where you pay less than the check! A great discount! It is always convenient to have cash because some places may not accept credit cards.  


The service could take a while, but be patient, it is part of the Uruguayan experience. Take your time and enjoy your stay!

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To move in the city you can choose between the following options.



The bus is the public mean of transport in Montevideo. It is important to have in mind that there are no signs in the bus to indicate its stops or its path, so using the bus is not that easy. In order to facilitate your mobility you can download Moovit, there you can see which line you should take to arrive to your destination and estimated times of arrival. Keep in mind that to use the app is necessary to have internet.



Uber works in Montevideo and Punta del Este. It is a good option during the day, but mostly at night, when there are not as much buses as during the day.



You can get to know the city while riding a bike. A good option is to ride through the Rambla, it is easy to go through and it has amazing views. You can check out our recommended routes in our printed map!

For bicycle rentals in Montevideo go to : Tándem and Urban

For bicycle rentals in Punta del Este to : GRØN




To enjoy flying or to move from one place to another, helicopter is another mean of transport that you can have access to in Uruguay, a faster way that allow you to enjoy privileged views.


Private Car

Different companies offer a private car service. You can coordinate date and time to be picked up in order to arrive early to the airport to catch your flight. It is a comfortable way to travel.




To go from one city to another there are different bus companies. All of them have their services from Tres Cruces Terminal to destinations all over the country. At the terminal’s website you can find destinations and schedules. To buy your pass you can go to the terminal and find the company that provides the service you are looking for.


Ticket prices can be looked up at  Urubus website. There is no need to have a user to buy through the platform. Not all companies have available the online purchase, but schedules are shown for all.


Another way to get your tickets is at one of the companies website. They have services from Montevideo to touristy places like Colonia and Punta del Este. You have to be registered to purchase. Recommendation: buy your tickets with enough time, near departure online purchase is not available.  

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Did you see a lot of people carrying thermos? Uruguayans drink a characteristic infusion: mate. To drink it they put yerba mate on a recipient (mate) and pour hot water on it. They sip it with a metalic bombilla (it looks like a silver pipe). People go everywhere with their mate and they share it.



One of the typical Uruguayan foods is asado. Families gather around on Sundays midday to cook their favorite meat cuts to the embers heat (firewood embers! Cooking with coal is a sin!): flank, rump tail, sweetbread, rib eye. Every Friday construction workers share asado for lunch, the street is invaded with a delicious smell!


If you would like to have a gaucha experience you cannot miss asado con cuero, the meat cutted with its leather! It is cooked that way on festivals around the country.



Chivito is a delicious Uruguayan meal. It is a tenderloin steak between two breads, with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, ham, egg and olives. Other ingredients can be added. You cannot tell a Uruguayan that is similar to a burger! It is meat and bread, but it has nothing to do with it. Tip: to enjoy it you should be hungry!

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In case you are planning on going on a tour without children and you need babysitting, contact us.

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In case of emergency you should contact 911 from all around the country.


If you need medical assistance go to the British Hospital, Avenida Italia 2420.