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Tips for a great Sunday

Sunday is a special day, is probably the most peaceful. On of the hardest things on Sunday is to have good plans, to find a good place for lunch or to drink tea and also to go shopping for groceries. That is why we will recommend you places you can visit on Sunday so you can finish your week in the best possible way.

We propose different scenarios you can face with on a Sunday, and we give you our recommendations.

I’ve been cooking the whole week

Why not going out for lunch? Your Sunday lunch could be accompanied with a Ciudad Vieja tour, there you can eat in El Palenque and walk by the Mercado del Puerto or in Ceibo, in Peatonal Sarandí. You can also have great lunch in Pacharán, near Ciudad Vieja.  

879 house is like visiting Paris in the middle of Pocitos, they are open on Sunday’s midday to offer you a delicious meal. If you are willing to eat meat we recommend you to visit one of this grills: Restaurant García and La otra Parrilla, these places won’t let you down.

Looking for seafood? Manzanar and La cocina de Pedro have on their menu what you are looking for. Cebollatí can offer you quality and organic products. If you want to have a healthy lunch Buena Costumbre may be the right option.

If you wake up late, and you are not sure if you should have lunch or breakfast, we have a word for you: brunch. The one in Sinergia Design is great.

But if you don’t know exactly what you would like to eat Mercado Ferrando has a wide variety of options and it gives you the possibility to try different dishes from its restaurants. The place also has stores to buy all kinds of products to cook in your house during the week.

I’m looking for an afternoon treat

Alquimista is a great place to have some tea and enjoy the beautiful facilities. Credo Café has a privileged view of the sunset, which can be matched with a cold beer or a cup of coffee. Deli, at Hyatt Centric Montevideo also has a delightful city view.

If you are also in the mood of a cultural plan you can combine both. Go to the Museum of Visual Arts and then enjoy a coffee at The Lab.

I forgot to buy groceries

We can recommend you great places for your shopping. In Gourmeat you can find selected meat for you to make the greatest barbeque. If you want to make a seafood dish go to John Fish, where you can get everything you need.

Whatever you are going to eat or cook, 879 house bread is absolutely delicious and will perfectly match all of your meals.

If you want to buy some tea to drink on the afternoon, drop by La tienda del té, there you can buy the best scents and flavors.

I’d like to go shopping

During the week you may not have time enough to treat yourself, buy maybe on Sundays you can get that chance. A lot of Uruguayan brands and its products are available in Sinergia Design. In Carrasco and Pocitos, Rapsodia is open, so you can go visit them and find what’s new.

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