A stay for two in one of the most chic spots of Uruguay, Pueblo Garzón. The opportunity to enjoy a thousand different flavors at a sublime hotel boutique, to taste Argentinian chef’s wood stove kitchen and to visit one of the most prestigious wineries of the country, not only for its wines, but also because […]

Surrounded by two giants, Argentina and Brazil, the ‘made in Uruguay’ product has a hard time competing. In the fashion and design world, young Uruguayan designers have a strong personality. The capital has its own fashion week: MOWEEK! To get to know next edition date contact us. In October 2018 spring/summer collection 2018/2019 will be […]

Uruguay, because of its location, is a migration carrefour. Its natural variety, the diversity and density of its fauna, make this place a delight for hunters of small dams such as the partridge, the pigeon, turtle doves, ducks, snipe, hares, among other species. Enjoy a 40 minute unique experience aboard a turbo-propeller plane.  Contact us.