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Pablo Atchugarry’s Foundation is a symbol of Uruguay. Its majestic sculptures are surrounded by a huge green environment. It is located near Punta del Este, and the visit is a sensible experience, that is powered with our History of Art’s experts. We have scheduled departures from Montevideo.

You will have to go to jail to see contemporary art! The Contemporary Art Space (EAC) is where the first reclusion center was built following the panoptic rules of the English Bentham, which lately were theorized by Foucault. The jail opened in 1888. Known as  ‘Cárcel de Miguelete’, located in the centre of Montevideo, it […]

We had the chance to talk with Julieta (@julietapintando), a painter. She was born in México City, and she’s been living in Montevideo for four years now, with her husband and her younger son. Julieta paints, decorates, studies french and enjoy’s Montevideo’s good stuff. Painting is her passion, in her free time she likes spending […]

We offer guided and private visits in four languages: Spanish, French, English and Portuguese, of iconic places of Uruguayan art. Begin with Blanes, realistic painter of the endings of XVIII century. He glorifies the founding historical epics of nascent Uruguay, illustrating scenes from life in the decades that followed independence. Blanes museum is in Prado, […]