The tour bring us to the beginnings of the 20th Century and the main seaside back then: Piriápolis, with the final work of Francisco Piria of his original project, Heliópolis. We discover it particular urbanistic design, with monuments, buildings, fountains and a lot of symbolism. Near Piriápolis, 40 km west, there are two modern sanctuaries: […]

Montevideo has more to discover than its 22 kilometer shore. Uruguay’s capital is a city full of secrets that has a historical and cultural richness that sometimes may go unnoticed, but it is worthy of appreciation. The tour’s proposal is to discover the city through its patios, one of Montevideo’s hidden treasures. Patios tell the […]

We offer guided and private visits in four languages: Spanish, French, English and Portuguese, of iconic places of Uruguayan art. Begin with Blanes, realistic painter of the endings of XVIII century. He glorifies the founding historical epics of nascent Uruguay, illustrating scenes from life in the decades that followed independence. Blanes museum is in Prado, […]