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Sustainability with history

We are only a few weeks away from winter and its closeness can be felt. Is there anything better than wearing a piece of clothes that also acts as a natural form of thermal insulation? How? Using wool! This material not only is great to face low temperatures, but it can also be used during the different seasons, the whole year!

Now it is a great time to visit Don Baez’s store or its website, all of its products use wool. They promote the concept eco chic, aiming for a sustainable product, that contributes with the environment, with versatile garments. You cannot miss the new collection! One of their outstanding garments is Jubi Poncho, that has removable lambswool collar and gold zip.

Its products, 100% made in Uruguay, aim to encourage conscious consumption, buyers should know the origins and process of everything they consume. When producing, the brand considers animal welfare on its process, leading to a an amazing and exquisite result.

The Wool fibres they work with are soft, delicate and flexible and adapt perfectly to the body. The high quality of their raw material is fundamental to manufacture long lasting and timeless products. At Don Baez everyone can find its ideal garment! They have their own workshop, so there is also the possibility to make adjustments on demand.

The collection’s colours are all natural, because the wool’s natural beauty does not require dyeing. Most of the clothes have single size, they are adaptable to the body. An easier way to buy presents!

Don Baez is now featuring a warmth campaign, during June you can donate blankets to collaborate with Fundación Tzedaká Uruguay, an organisation that provides assistance to people along the country. With every donation Don Baez gives a 30% discount on your next purchase.


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