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Sunny winter in Punta del Este

If you are planning on going East, you should know that some places may not be open during this season. But some places have their store not only in Montevideo, but also in Punta del Este, and they are open all the weekends of the year.
To visit Punta del Este riding bike is always a good option. In order to do that, you should go by GRØN The coffee aroma is an invitation to enjoy a cup of specialty coffee. You will get the energy needed to rent a bike and use it as a mean of transport.
With the bike as an allie there are different places you can visit. A modern uruguayan fashion brand has one store at Punta del Este, Rotunda. With it minimalist designs the raw materials stand out.
For decoration lovers, there is a place to light up: TRIOS Lighting. It has all kind of solutions, with a great variety of designs!
Healthy and organic products have their spot at Punta del Este. MercadoVerde has a proposal focused on conscious eating. Products are attractive and varied.
El Palenque, one of the best Uruguayan grills, is also at East. It has a modern and huge restaurant to seat down and enjoy a delicious meal.
At the other side of Puente de la Barra, the children’s favourite, there are more options to enjoy. La Pasionaria La Barra has its doors open, a place where you can find creative uruguayan products.
Typical food from Río de la Plata and amazing breads can be find at La Linda, in Manantiales. Their Menu is prepared on a wood oven, and all of their fruits and vegetables are from an organic garden.
The weekend itself is a great opportunity to find out more about MyCityGuide’s map recommendations.

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