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Special winter dinner

Do you want your dinner to be special? Are you having guests? It does not matter the reason if you want your dinner to be special in someway. We will tell you where to look for the details to make it unique.
As entrance, or just to match with your meal, the bread should not be missing from your table, specially if it is from Club del Pan. If a great dinner should also have great wine, at Gràcia Food & Wine and O’33, you may find what you are looking for.
Meat is going to be part of your main course, visit Gourmeat Boutique de carnes, they have the greatest meat. Otherwise, if you want to try something different go to MercadoVerde.
Dessert is a must, so we have two great options for you to enjoy and to share on the table: Dulce Francia and mariapasión. You would not regret this treat.
Also, if you would like to enjoy a hot beverage after your meal, go to The Lab Coffee Roasters to find freshly toasted coffee beans. But if you prefer tea, La Tienda del Té has tea in strands that is definitely worth trying.

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