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Rain and low temperatures? Sounds like an invitation to stay ay home, enjoying its warmness. Buy maybe, there’s something missing, a detail you would like to add to your living room, bedroom or your special corner. Montevideo has a wide variety of places where you can find what you are looking for to renovate your home, just a little bit. In MyCityGuide we know some places you can visit to  get what you want.

The singularity of Mutate’s products is the opposite to serial work. Its pieces are really unique. If you like Modernism of the 50’s, you should definitely find something you would love here.

Zaguán’s furniture is exceptional, the buyer can participate in the creative process. So, if you have something in mind, they can help you to execute your idea and make it real.

Wood and light colors are a must at home? DeArcos can offer you furniture or accessories that match that space you want to complete.

Made in Uruguay furniture and decoration items are available at Sinergia Design. Not only you can look for something to your home, but you can also have a cup of coffee and walk around.

There’s something missing in your couch? Maybe a blanket you can use to sit down and relax while keeping warmth? Go visit La escondida and your couch will no longer be alone.

Furniture from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s are restored in LISÄÄ. Recycling results are unique, and they also have a very personal character.

If what you are missing is some particular kitchen utensil, or there is some crockery you are willing to purchase, you should definitely visit La ibérica,  a thousand square meters to walk around.  

And there was light! But not any light, if you would like to illuminate your house in a decorative way, you need to go to Trios lighting.

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