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#MontevideanosByChoice – Chapter 4: Montevideo because of love

Martina is from Chile, she is 26 and she studied Public Law. She arrived to Montevideo because of love, her boyfriend moved out for work. Now she is studying a master’s degree in International Law, she is spinning instructor and has an entrepreneurship with her boyfriend: LeClubMVD , they organize events and they also have a virtual art  gallery.

What do you like the most about living in Montevideo?

— I like Montevideo’s social life that is pretty active and has a wide variety of cultural events. Even though it’s hard to get involved with uruguayans, the events allow me to get a little closer. I like the fact that products have added value because they are frequently handmade or homemade.

— What are the LeClub events?

— LeClub events are an opportunity to  interact genuinely with all the participants. I’m so glad we’ve create it! There are no awkward moments because things are constantly happening. We create a unique experience. LeClub is art, love and passion.  

Which place inspires you?

— Our neighborhood, Ciudad Vieja and it’s hidden treasures. I like to dream about how it would be with recycling projects. It’s abandonment make it a place full of opportunities. Every corner is full of history and has a great potential.

What do you miss the most about your country?

— I miss my social life, Chileans are a lot more easy-going. I also miss my friends and food.

Which picture represents Montevideo?

— Ciudad Vieja, Plaza Independencia they characterize Montevideo’s tradition.

Which places do you recommend to visit in Montevideo?

— My favourite restaurant is La pasionaria, it’s food is homemade and delicious. The owner is really friendly and I also love it’s art boutique.

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