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#MontevideanosByChoice – Chapter 2: From Mexico, full of colors

We had the chance to talk with Julieta (@julietapintando), a painter. She was born in México City, and she’s been living in Montevideo for four years now, with her husband and her younger son. Julieta paints, decorates, studies french and enjoy’s Montevideo’s good stuff. Painting is her passion, in her free time she likes spending time outdoors and taking painting lessons with Gastón Izaguirre, an Uruguayan painter she admires since she moved here. When talking to her we get to know more about her life in this city.
— What do you like the most about living in Montevideo?
— I think it is the perfect place to raise a kid, it is quiet and relaxed. Air is clean and I get to enjoy summer holidays with family and friends on uruguayan beaches. I can get close to nature and I love it. Uruguayans are really kind and they are always trying to help. This makes moving here much easier if you came from another country. The “asado” is already part of my life. When you get used to living here, you get to enjoy your life. Hidden treasures can be find in Montevideo, such as restaurants, decoration and clothes stores and coffee shops. These places are not announced, you get to discover them, and that is what makes them special.
— What do you don’t like?
— I think there is a lack of service culture on restaurants and shops. Restaurant service in my country is excellent. When in México I worked on restaurants, and that is why I found it frustrating when people don’t care if they serve right or wrong. There isn’t much to do with kids on winter, there should be more places like “Parque de la amistad”. I also would like a wider gastronomic offer.
— Which place inspires you?
— I love Ciudad Vieja it reminds me of Mexico’s historical center. It is a place full of history. I like going to lunch somewhere in the neighborhood, there you can find little treasures such as “Café Brasilero”.
— What do you miss the most about your country?
— I miss my big son, he is 27 and is engaged, he is getting married next year. I miss my family and friends. Also mexican food, the great service, people’s diversity, walk by my neighborhood, colonia condesa, the spicy and tequila, among others. Mexico’s weather is perfect for me, I also miss that.
— Which picture represents Montevideo?
— The rambla y and a meeting with asado.
— Which places do you recommend to visit in Montevideo?
— I enjoy going to Garcia Parrilla Clásica y Bar on Sundays because of its family atmosphere. I like walking by Arocena street, drinking some tea on Sofitel Montevideo Casino Carrasco & SPA, going with friends to Manzanar and enjoy it’s view to the hotel and to the fountain. I love going to Burdeos on summer! Drinking great coffee en La Madriguera, buying some books and having lunch in Escaramuza. A great place to go with friends is Lavender. Pocitos has a lot of thing to do, such as having coffee in La Dulcería, lunch in 900 to enjoy it’s view, the Hyatt Centric Montevideo to have a drink or visit its rooftop to get Montevideo’s greatest view. Spend an afternoon drinking wine in Casa Banem, and then buy something to decorate my house. To go out at night I like Hom, Negroni and Lola, but I don’t go out at night so often.

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