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#MontevideanosByChoice – Chapter 1: A Belgian entrepreneur in Montevideo

Lionel is Belgian, he has lived in Montevideo since september 2016. He has a start-up with a photographer, FrameALIVE. It is an app for photographers and the general public which connects a photo to a video, each time you scan the picture with your phone you play the video. It is great for wedding and baby albums. With their app ‘your pictures are alive’.
What do you like the most about Uruguay?
— It’s visual freedom, the field of view is unlimited. There are open spaces from East to West, the horizon is yours.
What do you don’t like?
— Things go a bit slow in doing business in Uruguay, people are relaxed and not on a hurry
Which place inspires you?
— I am inspired by open spaces, the Rio de la Plata, the horizon.
What do you miss the most about your country?
— The excellent habits of drinking a good beer after work with your collegues.
Which image of Montevideo would you choose?
— The tiny beach in front of Puerto de Buceo.
Which places do you recommend to visit in Montevideo?
— I recommend Mi Querida Giraldita, the restaurant Don Ciccio’s (order the pizza occhio di bue’s) and Mercado Ferrando.

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