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Modern Architecture of the East: five senses journey

The tour bring us to the beginnings of the 20th Century and the main seaside back then: Piriápolis, with the final work of Francisco Piria of his original project, Heliópolis. We discover it particular urbanistic design, with monuments, buildings, fountains and a lot of symbolism.

Near Piriápolis, 40 km west, there are two modern sanctuaries: El Cristo Obrero, of Eladio Dieste in Atlántida, and in Soca, Susana Soca’s chapel, created by her and Bonet.  Structural footprints of a masterful modernity in the national splendor of the middle of last century.

A trip to the beginnings of the life near the beach, first seasides of our region and mistic designs. Avant-garde architectures and constructive poetics.

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