We selected by common agreement and with total independence the addresses called ‘bonnes adresses’ that we share through MyCityGuide. Each place it’s been chosen carefully, according to our preferences. We offer a selection of places we fell in love with,
they represent our particular interests.

We would like to make foreigners access to Montevideo, and all Uruguay, easier, providing them with our selected places. The above mentioned lead us to share MyCityGuide for free with everyone who’s looking for recommendations and great places. The economic
cost is transferred to the establishments we propose in our editions. That does not mean we allow every client willing to pay to be in our guide, we make sure to keep our ethical principles and our behavior by only allowing clients that match what
we love and we will like to offer.

The selection of the different places is based on our subjective criteria and our general feeling, taking as general guidelines the quality of the services, products, the environment of each place, the decoration and their quality/price ratio. Places
we have no chemistry with will never be part of this guide, which is made in our image and likeness.