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One more chance for furniture

Scandinavian furniture has its spot in Montevideo, where? In Lisää, in Ejido and Cebollatí. Ana Garmendia and Andrea Goires have at their store a unique offer that was previously hard to find in our city. They design and restore scandinavian style furniture.

— How did Lisää started?
— We are both architects, and ended up doing internal reforms of houses, designing furniture or restoring it. We found out that we were passionate about it, and this was our favorite part of the whole process. That is why we decided to open Lisää and started doing it professionally.

— What is the meaning of the name you chose?
— The name means more in Finnish. We wanted a short name and as the line is mainly Scandinavian, Nordic furniture, Lisää was perfect. The name’s aim is to tell people that what we do is more, give another chance to the object.

— Why do you focus on that furniture line?
— As I told you, we are architects, and at the university they look up to that time, when it comes to furniture it was a productive time and even though they are antique, they also have a contemporary line that makes them versatile. We always liked that they had a mixture between straight and contemporary lines.

— Why is it important that Montevideo has a place like this?
— There are not many places like this, there are only a few. We notice there is a demand for this kind of products, many of our clients are architects and they appreciate this type of furniture. In addition, there is a worldwide trend around this and Montevideo was missing all of it.

— Which services do you offer?
— We design from scratch and we also restore. We have a team working with us, carpenters, someone who takes care of the upholstery and a blacksmith. We design and draw, and then give the product the final touches, because we also like to participate on that aspect.

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